Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS

  1. The five-year MBBS program, accredited by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), is a blend of basic and clinical sciences, which are conventionally required by medical graduates to meet the responsibilities of providing preventive as well as curative healthcare. The 5-year program is designed to train students with appropriate knowledge, skills, values and behaviors vital to understand and influence factors that affect the health of individuals and communities.
  2. The course content is presented with a modular approach which is in line with regulations of the PMC for MBBS degree. Emphasis is given to the development of conceptual understanding and the ability to construct knowledge. The students are actively involved in their learning process. Assessments involve examining the learner’s entire conceptual process , not just focusing on discreet facts and principles. Professionalism, Evidence Based Medicine and Patient Safety are few of the new themes introduced in MBBS curriculum.
  3. Academic schedule for the MBBS degree program comprises of the innovative system-based course. The first three years of training are divided into modules and each year comprises of three modules. For the clinical training and experience the students are rotated in our teaching hospital.
  4. Clinical training is important tool of learning at under graduate level. Hands on clinical training are provided at affiliated teaching hospital Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Bahawalpur comprising over 500 beds. The hospital ensures a case mix ideally suited for clinical training. The training is imparted under the guidance of competent, world-renowned health professionals and health care resources. This is carried out in the respective departments including Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopaedic, Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Dermatology, Cardiology and Neurology.
  5. Faculty of Basic Health Sciences (BHS) and Clinical Sciences are collaboratively engaged in teaching programs. As a result, students develop a comprehensive understanding and holistic approach to recognize and solve healthcare problems.
  6. At CIMS Bahawalpur a student is identified as an adult learner and is expected to utilize self-directed learning capabilities to adapt and understand the rapidly changing academic atmosphere around the world.
  7. To facilitate student learning, the basic medical sciences curriculum utilizes multiple instructional and assessment strategies. Quality education, following the most progressive pedagogies, small group discussions and interactive learning, augmented by a well-equipped Skills Lab.

By the end of the 5 year program the students of CIMS should be able to:

  • Apply basic, clinical, behavioral and social sciences for practicing evidence based patient care
  • Manage patients with common medical problems and life-threatening medical conditions keeping patients’ safety at the core of the practice
  • Incorporate the regulations of Pakistani healthcare system in practice
  • Advocate health promotion and disease prevention
  • Effectively communicate verbally and in writing with patients, their families, colleagues, and other health professionals individually and in teams
  • Apply principles of professionalism and ethics in providing cost effective care to the patients
  • Practice research skills and scholarly activities for self- directed life-long learning.

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