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College Re-opening Notification

1. As per the Government of Pakistan Specialized Healthcare Medical Education notification dated 4th June 2021 CIMS Bwp will re open for regular classes from 14th June for students of 2nd Year MBBS and 21st June for 1st Yr MBBS.

2. It is mandatory for all students to submit their COVID-19 vaccination certificate (preferably complete vaccination or at least single dose).

3. Strict implementation of SOPs will be observed by all the students.

CIMS Bwp Administration

Requirement for Boarding Accommodation

1. It is mandatory for all hostilities students to submit their COVID-19 vaccination certificate to AD hostel (preferably complete vaccination or at least single dose).

2. Students who have been registered with 1166 for vaccination (have to submit a proof) will be allowed by VP / Principal on case to case basis ONLY.

CIMS Bwp Administration

Discipline - Medical Students

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CIMS Bwp reopening prerequisites

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COVID-19 Vaccination

Some most frequently asked COVID-19 vaccination related Questions

Q1: I had recent COVID infection,is there need of COVID vaccine?

A1: Yes, There is crystal clear evidence to get vaccinated after COVID infection. As with infection immune response & protection is variable.

Q2: when should i get vaccinated after recent COVID-19?

A2: Get vaccinated after 4 weeks of complete recovery.

Q3: Is there need of vaccination if i have adequate COVID IgG antibodies?

A3 : Yes, there is absolute need of vaccination despite your antibody status because antibodies is not the only element which constitutes immunity against COVID-19.

Q4: Which vaccine is best & preferred?

A4: All the vaccines are good, get yourself vaccinated which is available at the earliest possible.

Construction of CIMS DHA Campus Bwp

The construction of state of the art new CIMS building according to the International standards has been started in DHA Bwp on 22-Jun-2020 and will be completed in Dec 2021, InshaAllah

CIMS is a member of medical colleges being run under dependable patronage of Pakistan Army.It has a beautiful campus in a safe and serene environment of Bahawalpur Cantt. The college building consists of contemporary plan with lecture halls, tutorial rooms, laboratories, museums, up to-date library, computer labs, skills lab, administration block, girls’ common room, cafeteria, masjid, sports facilities, gymnasium & swimming pool (for boys), spacious parking area and grounds.

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